What is notagoth.com? It's my little collection of anti-goth stuff. Someday I'll actually do something entertaining with this site. or not.

What is a goth? Here's a definition.

Why does this site exist? (Because it can?) Well, I guess because most goths take themselves way too seriously. So what do you do when someone takes themselves too seriously? You make fun of them! Just like the good ol' days...

What will you find here? A bunch of things that amuse me, for starters...
The Tamagothi Homepage
Goth Geek of the Month (unfortunately hasn't been updated for awhile) and Gothic Crackwhore of the Week.
How to Goth in Ten Easy Steps You, too, can learn how to be goth, step-by-step.
And once you've turned goth, you don't have to be lonely - try a new pick-up line or peruse the personals.

So, if I'm making fun of goths and goth music, what should I be listening to then? The answer is: Industrial & Techno Music! It's better, faster, stronger.
Learn more about industrial.
Hyperreal - *the* site for the various flavours of techno.
I'm not even going to bother putting links to bands (industrial or otherwise) here - Ed Klein's Music Database is a great resource; why duplicate it?

You just don't get it! You don't know anything about goths or goth music, otherwise you wouldn't have this page up! Been there, done that, moved on. Oh, and I have a sense of humour - look at those flowers for chrissakes!

"Peace, Love and Fear Factory" - jgu